Utilization of Skills of Learner Engagement by a 21st Century Educator

6th April 2020

In the modern-day educational scenario, it is of utmost importance to ensure that there is no lack of concentration from the learners, which is also one of the prime jobs of the educators. In this respect, the mechanism of learner engagement can come very handy and can help the educators to have a better perspective at educating the students. It is absolutely crucial for the 21st century teachers to inculcate these skills of learner engagement as well.

In the following lines, we will have a look at the various skills of learner engagement that can help in the development of the 21st century educators and can make the delivery of the course content more impactful for the students, motivating them in the best possible manner towards the successful completion of the course curriculum.

1. Real and Relatable

To engage the students in a class, it is very important that the educators make the course content more real and relatable to maximize their reach to the students and help them get to the crux of the content. The more relatable it is for the students, the easier it becomes for the teacher to educate them in the right manner. So, it is fairly important for the future educator, who is currently pursuing an online teacher training course, to understand and inculcate the ways to make a content real and relatable for the ease of delivering it to the students, making him/her an able 21st century educator.

2. Rewards

Rewarding the students could be a good way to engage them in the studies for a 21st century educator. The educator has to understand that he/she needs to provide the students with rewards when they do well in order to ensure that the students, especially if they are young learners, take their studies seriously and get engaged in the lesson plans to make the overall learning procedure a success. So, it is extremely important that the future educators understand the importance of the rewarding system and implements it in the class when they start teaching at a professional level.

3. Self-paced courses

Not every student has the same capability to understand the lessons that are taught to them and need to speed up to complete the course curriculum successfully within the stipulated time. In this scenario, the development of the students who are not fast learners could be a cause of concern for sure. The self-paced courses help the students to take their studies in a serious manner but in their own comfort level, thus helping them to complete the course at their own due time. This can be helpful in engaging all types of learners for all the educators, especially those who are currently on the verge of completing an online teacher training course and are about to foray into a professional career.

4. Social Learning

Social learning activities provide a personalized approach to the students, which they need to achieve their goals. This also makes the training experience more engaging and beneficial for all parties involved, including the students and the teachers. This type of learning activity can involve training via social media platforms as an inclusive part of the learning procedure. So, it is very important that the future educators, who are currently preparing to become able 21st century educators and are pursuing the specialized teacher training courses, understand the importance of utilizing the social learning activities in a way which can be beneficial for the better delivery of the course content, thus making the overall teaching-learning activity more engaging for both them and their students.

5. Activities

There are a number of activities that the teachers can look forward to utilizing in order to make the overall learning experience more engaging for the students. The students, especially the young learners can find the learning process monotonous and the involvement of certain activities can make the overall process lively and engaging for them. So, it goes without saying that understanding the nuances of various activities and the proper implementation can be helpful for the future 21st century educators who are currently looking to make a mark in the sphere of education after the successful completion of an online teacher training course.

6. Create milestones

Long-term learning goals can be a bit challenging for the students, which is detrimental for their development. Due to this reason, it is important that an educator should encourage his/her students by creating manageable milestones for them that will allow him/her to track their progress in the right way. This also helps to keep the young learners under surveillance and allows the teacher to develop effective lesson plans by creating achievable milestones. This is an important skill of learner engagement which the future educators should inculcate in order to make the overall learning more engaging as well as enriching for the students and the teachers alike and help in the creation of an atmosphere conducive for the development of the overall teaching-learning procedure, especially for those who are willing to make a mark as educator after the successful completion of the course curriculum while pursuing a comprehensive online teacher training course.


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