A Pre and Primary Teacher Needs To Be Understanding

23rd October 2017

The first thing a pre and primary teacher needs to be is patient and supportive. The teacher must have a passion for the job they are doing, only then it can be rewarding. A teacher should be able to take pride in the job and find joy in the development of the children in their most important and formative years. It is no easy task to handle children of that age. It can be a very challenging and demanding task to fulfil. Therefore, it is important that the teachers in this field receive the proper training so that they can venture into this field fully equipped. Pre and primary teaching courses prepare you for a future in this field. There are several qualities that a teacher pursuing this career should possess.

Some of the qualities are:

  • It is very important that a teacher is patient. The classroom situations and the children can sometimes get out of hand, so it becomes very important for the teacher to show some amount of patience in order to deal with it. Children do not readily follow instructions, therefore the teacher needs to be patient and repeat the instructions to them as many times as needed. They are patient with the student progress, demanding parents and staff in order to promote growth and development.
  • The teacher needs to be passionate about the job she does. Passion for teaching is one of the most important qualities in a teacher. He or she should have an enthusiasm which would lead to the development of the students and would often give them a feeling of job satisfaction. The teacher gets a sense of accomplishment by watching the children grasp a new concept or learn to resolve a conflict.
  • It is very important for the teacher to be flexible and creative in order to inspire the children whom they are teaching. The children of this age have an unpredictable nature, therefore, in order to deal with the changing nature of the kids, the teacher needs to be flexible. Creativity helps them to introduce different kinds of learning styles into the classroom environment. With creativity, the teacher can make the classroom environment more enjoyable.
  • The teacher must be able to make the classroom environment safe and secure for the children. A good relationship between the teacher and the students results in a healthy learning experience for the children. This requires dedication and a lot of hard work on the teacher’s part.
  • Most importantly, the teacher should have good communication skills which are vital while dealing with the young children. He or she needs to be able to communicate with the children as well as with their parents regarding their skill development, achievements and problems. The more effective the communication, the more satisfactory the job will be.

Above all, a teacher must be able to respect the different social, cultural and economic differences among the students. They should be able to appreciate the unique personality of each child. A classroom where all these differences are embraced makes the children feel safe and welcome.

Written By: Sheetal Sharma      

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