Importance of Play Activities and The Ways They can be Helpful for Future Educators

3rd October 2019

Every child is not the same and so is the way for them to learn the traits of education in their early childhood. Specialised courses that educate people about the ways to teach the little ones consist of a number of techniques including the play activities. These activities leave a profound impact on the learning and progress of the children, which make them essential part of the course curriculum of the future educators, especially if they are pursuing a post graduate diploma in nursery teacher training course. In the following lines, we will have a look at why these play activities are considered important and how they affect the trainees of post graduate diploma in nursery teacher training course.

What are Play Activities?

The activities that are helpful for the early childhood educators for assisting the students in understanding the lessons or the subject matter through examples and in a livelier way are the play activities. At times, nursery classes tend to get a little monotonous, which can adversely affect the learning process, especially for the children. So, it is essential for the teachers to understand the importance of the play activities so that the task of teaching becomes easier for them, making the whole learning procedure devoid of monotony for the little ones.

It is important for the future nursery educators to have an in-depth understanding about the play activities, which they can utilise well to educate the little ones when they start teaching.

Among the various importances of the play activities, here are a few significant ones.

1. Imparting knowledge in a fun way

It is very important for the educator to make the learning process a fun one for the children, especially in the nursery classes. This not only helps in making the course curriculum more impactful for the young ones but also delivers the requisite knowledge in an interesting manner. The children tend to enjoy this type of education more than the conventional one and this is where the play activities come handy.

2. Devoid of any unnecessary pressure

Play activities are implications of fun ways to learn and are generally devoid of any unnecessary pressure for both the educators as well as students. This helps in the completion of the course without much of a hassle, which caters to the development of the overall teaching-learning procedure.

3. Spontaneous

The future educator needs to be spontaneous while indulging in a play activity with his/her students. This helps in making the session delightful as well as enlightening for the students. It also helps the educator to show off his/her helpful side as he/she tends to indulge in voluntary services for the students.

4. Active engagement

The play activities enable the tutors to be actively engaged with the students during the sessions, which help in building a strong bond between the teacher and the students. This kind of active engagement also helps in the development of an in-class atmosphere conducive for the overall development of the teaching-learning procedure.

5. Make- Believe

It is important for any educator to make the students believe in him/her. If the children are unable to have faith in their teachers, the bonding between them is surely not going to form, which can hamper the learning process of the young learners.The play activities can be very useful for the educators at the nursery level, which they generally learn while pursuing the post graduate diploma in nursery teacher training course.

The play activities could be a boon for every teacher who has to deal with little ones during their teaching experience at the nursery level. The aforementioned benefits of the play activities show how impactful they can be for both the teachers as well as the learners and help them in a successful learning process. These activities can help in the creation of an atmosphere conducive for the betterment of the teaching-learning procedure and can be very helpful for the future educators who are willing to take up nursery teaching as their future aspiration.


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