Role of Stress Management in a Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course in Kolkata

6th September 2019

In modern day education, every teacher has to play a number of roles in the classroom in order to maintain the flow of the course curriculum as well as manage the in-class activities. The situations are not always conducive for the teacher to carry out the aforementioned procedures in a proper and pre-determined way. The implementation of stress management could put an end to these complications, which might deter the completion of the course curriculum within the stipulated time frame. In the following lines, we will have a look at how the nuances of stress management can cater to the development of the learners into professionals of tomorrow.

1. Marking the priorities

It is very important for the educators to understand which activities to attend in the first instance, i.e., prioritising the activities. Candidates pursuing a pre and primary course should inculcate this strategy in order to get rid of the stress related to work.

2. Identifying stress situations

Not all persons get stimulated by the same kind of situations, which makes it very important for the teaching aspirants to identify the situation which puts him/her in a stressful situation. It is very important for the aspirants to understand such situations and act accordingly to avoid them as much as possible.

3. Reacting to imaginary situations

A number of educators initially react to imaginary situations, which might give them a lot of stress while managing a class at the pre primary level. It is important for them to not indulge in such imaginary situations, which might be stressful for them. This is highly recommended for the aspirants who are looking to make a career in the sphere of teaching.

4. Look before you leap

The educator should be aware of the challenges that he/she might have to face in a certain situation and should try to refrain from committing to such a situation in order to avoid pitfalls. This is a helpful characteristic for any teacher, which he/she should inculcate while pursuing a pre and primary teacher training course in Kolkata.

5. Moving on from past mistakes

It is very common for a teacher to commit mistakes initially while handling the students. However, he/she should not let these mistakes of the past haunt him/her and get over them as soon as possible. This is a great stress reliever and should be followed by every aspirant who is looking to become a teacher in the forthcoming days.

6. Release anger and frustrations

In a class, certain situations tend to make things sour for the educator and build anger or frustration in that person’s mind. It is highly recommended for that person to release them immediately and not get provoked by these types of negativity, which might cause a great hindrance to their path of development as a learner of a 21st century course and also a future educator.

7. Recreation and exercise

It is very important for every person to find time for recreation and exercise in a day. This helps in releasing unnecessary stress and makes them stronger to cope with the forthcoming challenges, especially when they are managing a class and students on a regular basis.

8. Helping the students to deal with stress

This is something which not only helps the teachers cope with their own frustration and adverse situations which pile on stress for them, but also creates an atmosphere which is conducive for the development of an enriching teaching-learning procedure. This works well for everyone, ranging from students as well as teachers alike.

9. Take your time

For the aspirants who are looking to make a career in the sphere of teaching, it is very important to take one step at a time. This helps in keeping the stress level low and also helps in the completion of the activity undertaken by the aspirants in a feasible manner.

10. Think positively

Lastly, it is of immense importance for the aspirants who would become educators in the future to think positively. This positive vibe not only caters to the development of a viable atmosphere for the educator but also provides a positive outlook towards the course curriculum and the related activities for the aspirants pursuing a pre and primary teacher training course in Kolkata as well.

From the aforementioned points, it is clear that the teachers need to have a positive and stress free mindset while gaining knowledge to cope up with students at the pre and primary level. They need to understand that they are assigned to build the future of the little ones, which requires a lot of patience and the above nuances of stress management could come very handy for them in this mission.


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