How Video On Demand is Revolutionizing Education Industry? A Teacher's Guide

28th May 2024

The whole education industry realized the real potential of incorporating videos during the pandemic, where teachers and learners rely on digital and video ways of learning. Since then, the demand for streaming videos and Video On Demand (VOD) has been rising as the days pass by, to grab student’s attention.

According to, the demand of the Video On Demand(VOD) market is predicted to reach more than $ 175 billion and a 20% increase rate of usage in the education and training industry.

video on demand market

In today’s generation, teachers must know how to incorporate and utilize Video On-demand (VOD) to promote the engagement rate of students towards knowledge and skill acquisition, which you can also learn through courses like MA in Education with Teaching Technology.

However, in this blog post also, we will get to explore the benefits of incorporating Video on Demand (VOD) in the classroom and what content you can share on Video on Demand.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Benefits of Incorporating Video On Demand (VOD)

We all know that streaming movies and videos in your classroom related to curriculum or the use of video in higher education can prove to be beneficial for your student’s learning progress, but how exactly does it prove to be beneficial for students? Let’s get to explore several benefits of incorporating Video on Demands in educational settings:

  • It’s more appealing than orthodox lectures which increase the engagement rate of students.
  • It helps complex concepts to be understood easily.
  • It also helps increase the retention rate.
  • Every learner can participate even special needs students or students with any learning disability to acquire knowledge.
  • Learners can easily access learning material and resources anytime from anywhere around the world.
  • It’s cost-effective because the school institute doesn’t need to spend money on paper and toner.

Types of Contents To Share On Video On Demand

Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom approach is not new in the educational industry, but still, only a few school teachers use it. In this approach, teachers can pre-record the lesson or concept that they plan to teach in the class and share it with students the day before class.

This gives the freedom to students to go through the recorded content in their homes at their own pace without the pressure of taking notes simultaneously. On top of that, they can also go through content as many times as they want. During class, students can ask their doubts, and queries to their teachers and it also allows students to work in groups.

However, as a teacher, if you decide to use this approach then make sure your recorded lesson is engaging and interactive. You can consider using, videos, audio, and real-life examples to make the recording class more interesting.

School Events

In every school, there are always plenty of events that occur from time to time like- annual sports day, school Play, Quiz contest, etc. However, most of the time student’s busy parents, relatives, or friends couldn’t be able to attend those events due to their busy schedules or commitments.

So, what if, schools take the initiative of filming these events or streaming live on their school's official social media page, which could help student’s, their parents, relatives, or friends to watch it afterward?

Nowadays, students also want to share their achievements on social media, so they can also share recorded events or pictures on various social media accounts.

How-To-Do Video Tutorials

In most of the high schools or colleges, students get hands-on practical training related to various topics or concepts. However, what if every high school and college considers making How-To-Do tutorials for their students which will make their learning experience easier?

Usage of videos in higher education and colleges to provide how-to tutorials on various topics ahead of the actual class will help students to have the basic ideas about what to expect which will help them to grasp practical knowledge given by tutors in the classroom.

Feedback & Advice Session

In the traditional way of education, teachers don’t get the opportunity to provide advice or feedback in detail to students. However, with the use of Video on Demand (VOD), teachers can record feedback videos for each student which gives them detailed insights on how they can improve their academic performances.

Farewell Videos For Pass-out Students

Most educational institutes create yearbooks for pass-out students which helps them to keep their good old memories alive. However, you can make their reminiscing experience more engaging by creating visual yearbooks.

You can encourage every student to record themselves to share their favourite memories in school and you can also include teachers to record themselves for a few mins explaining what they like the most about the particular batch. After recording everyone, you can either post the video link on your official website, and social media pages or share it with students directly.

Make Learning and School Life Interesting for Students With Video on Demand (VOD)

There’s no doubt in this digital world to grab learner’s attention there’s no better way than video content. However, while filming or recording any content, the school and teacher must ensure that it’s not too lengthy and contains subtitles for better understanding for students. Also, make sure to use a good microphone and lighting during recording.

If you want to learn more interesting and effective strategies to incorporate technology in education, then consider pursuing courses like MA in Education with Teaching Technology, where you will get assistance from top expert trainers from the education industry.

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