Montessori Method Impacts the Development of Children

12th October 2017

The Montessori Method of teaching requires a lot of training and preparation. This method of teaching was introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori in the earlier part of the 20th century who believed that children’s education can be improved if you help them to help themselves. Since then it has been modified and today’s Montessori Method of teaching has adopted this method in order to guide and lead the young children. Being a Montessori Teacher is a very demanding job. They need to be good observers and this takes a lot of preparation and concentration on the teacher’s part. Montessori courses online come in handy at these times, when you want to pursue a career in this field. But there are certain characteristics that the Montessori teachers must possess in order to excel in this field. Some of them are:

  • You must set a good example to the students at first. We know that children love to mimic and copy everything they see. So it is important that these teachers set a good example in orderliness, behaviour as well as communication. Children are the most curious at this age and a good teacher would observe that and direct that curiosity into a productive path. That way the children learn that their interests are taken into account and this is how trust and respect grow between them.
  • The most important quality that a Montessori teacher should have is that of observation. You should let the children grow at their own pace. If you are a good observer then you can guide the students in the right direction and into the right materials. Carefully guiding them by observing and not taking charge is the prime difference between the traditional method of teaching and Montessori method of teaching.
  • You have to become the link between the students and their learning materials. This is taught during Montessori Teacher Training Course in India and around the world. The materials and toys used in the Montessori Classroom are different than that from other classes.
  • It is important to learn from the mistakes. You have to make sure that the students are not discouraged by their mistakes, but rather they learn from it and rectify it on their own with help and guidance from the teachers. Learning from mistakes and rectifying them on their own can improve the classroom experience.
  • Teachers guide the students to be self-reliant from a very early age. Montessori teaching focuses on learning through trial and error method. They learn how to fasten buttons on their shirts, how to zip their pants and bags, tie knots on their shoes and so on and slowly they will gain the confidence to do these things on their own.
  • You should be creative as a teacher. Based on your observations and record-keeping, you should design the goals for each student and these goals will help the students achieve new academic and social milestones. The teachers use the child’s curiosity to propel them to reach those milestones.

Montessori teachers also learn from their students. In order to become a Montessori teacher, you should at least have a bachelor’s degree. The teachers prepare the students for further education in life.

Written By: Sonal Agrawal      

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