7 High-Paying Jobs In The Field Of Education Besides Teaching

8th April 2024

In the realm of education, teaching is not the only job for which a teacher's talents are useful. This is particularly the case for applicants who have an advanced degree, which further qualifies them. It explores a variety of online options as well as alternate careers for educators outside of the typical classroom setting. If you are looking for careers outside of teaching and unusual industries where teaching expertise may be really useful for instructors, keep reading on to learn about the various available options.

Jobs You Can Do With A Teaching Degree Other Than Teaching

There are many fulfilling employment options available to those with teaching degrees who don't wish to work in a traditional classroom. Education majors can also pursue careers as museum curators or guides, working directly with the public, or in the field of educational research and policy, where they can influence the work of other educators. On the other hand, some professions enable individuals with a degree in education to work with kids or even instruct people in the business world.

Education Majors
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Here are some other professions that people with teaching degrees may pursue:

  1. Museum Guide Or Curator

    Teachers and anyone with education experience can find a range of job prospects in museums as archivists, curators, or guides. Guides must offer visiting groups an engaging and instructive experience. Curators oversee and plan exhibitions, whereas archivists conserve and research historical collections.

    Additionally, museums may serve as a starting point for a broad range of specialized academic pursuits. The BLS reports that the median yearly compensation for museum employees is $49,850.

  2. Information Science

    Ensuring that information reaches its intended destination is the responsibility of an information scientist. Teachers can benefit greatly from these roles because of their understanding of how people acquire and process knowledge.

    Information scientists can be employed in a wide range of settings, including libraries, public and private sector organizations, charitable organizations, government jobs, and professional associations. For some jobs, you might require a degree relevant to the field, but according to BLS statistics, information research scientists make an average of $122,840 annually.

  3. Education Policy And Research

    Who should be teaching what, and what should people be learning? Working in the fields of education research and policy often includes creating novel approaches to enhance the educational system, examining issues, and putting methods and policies to the test to make sure they work.

    Those with prior teaching experience would be excellent for these roles. Teachers may choose to add a Certificate in Education Policy, which can be finished in only one year, to help them stand out from the competition. The typical base salary for an education policy analyst is $58,926.

  4. Corporate Trainer

    Similar to instructors, corporate trainers assist professionals in enhancing job-specific responsibilities or other developmental objectives. This is a quite different job than teaching in a classroom, even though it is still essentially an education field.

    You will usually require an advanced degree in a relevant field, such as an MS in Human Resource Development, in addition to a bachelor's degree. Training and Development Specialists have a median yearly salary of $61,210, according to the BLS.

  5. Teacher Abroad

    Teaching overseas can be very different from teaching in a classroom, even if teaching is still a teaching profession. It gives you the chance to experience other academic difficulties and surroundings, and there is almost always a strong need for English-speaking instructors overseas.

    Graduates can pursue a range of domestic and international job options while learning how to combine theory and practice in education for application in several professional contexts. Teaching overseas can take many different forms, ranging from diverse topic areas to different global locations. However, the BLS reports that the median pay for instructors of literature and foreign languages is $80,170.

  6. Sports Team Recruiter

    Coordinators for sports teams perform a range of duties, including coaching and talent evaluation. In a similar vein, an athletic director directs the athletic departments of schools. A director's duties include overseeing the bureaucratic aspects of managing a sports team, including scheduling practices with coaches and arbitrating conflicts.

    Teachers are excellent team organizers and sports coaches, and athletic directors typically start in education. For these professional choices, an MS in Sport Coaching Leadership program is a great fit. In 2019, the median yearly salary for scouts and coaches was $34,840. Athletic directors get a median annual salary of $95,410, which places them in the same category as administrators of postsecondary education according to the BLS.

  7. Writer Or Publisher

    A background in teaching can be beneficial for many of the chances that writing and publishing industries provide, including sales, editing, and other roles. Many people who have worked in education before start popular blogs or pursue other writing endeavors. The creation of technical manuals, novels, blog posts, newspaper columns, and advertising content all need a diverse range of writing abilities.

    These kinds of occupations may be brought into a range of educational, governmental, and commercial for-profit environments with the addition of experience in creativity and innovation. The BLS reports that the typical yearly compensation for writers/authors is $63,200, while the median salary for editors is $61,370.

Explore A Wide Range Of Careers With a Teaching Degree

The majority of occupations require years to gain the skills needed for success, including most jobs in the education sector other than teaching. But it's a lot simpler to pursue Online Degree Programs and accomplish your goals if you're persistent and have the appropriate advice. Attain a teaching degree and explore a plethora of career options that do not have to do anything with teaching. Find yourself your best fit.

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