5 features of the learning theories that leave their impact on an educational course

17th April 2019

Education is the basis of knowledge for any civilized country and its culture. Knowledge is derived from a number of learning theories, which has evolved from time to time under the influence of various circumstances and new innovations. With the advent of information technology, these theories are widely expressed and recognized by almost every educational course. There are innumerable theories circulating the various educational courses and here are 5 such impactful learning theories.

The learning theories are paradigms that are inter-related with each other and help in the development of a particular system or course. The methodologies present in these theories influence the process in a positive way and help in the development of the courses and define the features present within them.

1. Enhances behavioral techniques

The proper understanding of behavioral techniques needs to be done to enhance the communication processes. However, at times it becomes a headache for the people involved in the mechanism to make it understandable so that one can give it a try. These behavioral techniques involve theories that can be explained by external factors and can be used as a universal learning process.

2. Commences constructive initiatives

The growth and development of a particular person in terms of his knowledge base depends on the learning techniques. However, it is up to his/her personal choice whether he/she wants to utilize the methodology in relation to developing constructive initiatives.

3. Humanistic Approach to learning

The most highly regarded learning technique is the humanistic approach to learning, where a person is given right education through practical exposure. This is one of the features of the cognitive learning technique, which make things more lively and easy to understand for the user.

4. Right path to connect

The need of connection between the subject matter and the one who is being taught is of utmost importance. However, it can’t be done without the determination of a right path to connect the two features and hence the need of a defined path comes into the fray.

5. Eradication of intrusive elements

There is no dearth of intrusions which might deter the smooth running of the teaching process. Hence there is need for the eradication of the intrusive elements from the system via the learning methodologies.

The need to enhance and understand the modern teaching methods are becoming more important with every passing day and this is where the learning techniques come into the fray. The same implies for post graduate diploma in pre and primary teachers training course as well, making it an integral part of modern education scenario.


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