7 Crucial Mistakes You Should Avoid While Selecting A TEFL Course For Yourself

9th October 2023

Wondering which TEFL course to pursue and if an international TEFL certificate course is worth your time?

Choosing a TEFL course is a significant decision, as it can open doors to exciting international teaching opportunities. However, there are several critical mistakes that prospective TEFL students should avoid to ensure they make the most out of their investment. Be it accreditation, recognition, or job placement, here are seven common pitfalls that you should steer clear of when selecting your TEFL class.

Mistakes To Steer Clear From While Looking For A TEFL Course

Here are certain factors to consider while you are on your quest to find the right TEFL course for yourself:

  1. Neglecting Accreditation

    While looking for the right TEFL course for yourself, it is best to look for service providers who have international accreditations. Having a proper accreditation ensures that the program meets established standards for teacher training. If you ignore this aspect, it could mean that you are wasting your time and money on a course that has not future prospects as it will not give you the results. Not only will it affect your credentials are but will also have a negative impact on your hiring prospects.

    Look for programs that offer at least 100 hours of academic coursework and 6-20 hours of practical teaching experience. At the Asian College of Teachers, students enjoy a minimum of 120 hours of course certification accredited by international institutions and recognized globally.

  2. Failing to Research the Course

    If you are going to invest your time, money, and dreams in living and teaching abroad, you should choose your TEFL course carefully. Don't rush into a TEFL course without thoroughly researching its content, structure, and duration. Each TEFL program is unique, and what works for one person may not be suitable for another. Carefully review the curriculum, teaching methods, and assessment criteria to ensure they align with your learning style and career goals.

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    While you are researching the course, also research where you can teach with your certification, what is the process, what are the realistic startup costs, the visa process, and everything else. Don’t just jump into something without considering your future in it.

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  3. Overlooking Practical Teaching Experience

    Many TEFL programs solely focus on theory and neglect practical teaching experience. Teaching English is a hands-on job, and having the opportunity to practice your skills in real classroom settings is invaluable. Ensure your chosen course includes a practicum or teaching practicum component to gain real-world teaching experience.

    At the Asian College of Teachers, students experience real-life working conditions with actual ESL students. This allows them to gain critical skills that are needed to become a successful teacher. Aspirants also get acquainted with the challenges they might face on their first day and develop confidence to overcome them.

  4. Ignoring Job Placement Services

    If your primary goal for obtaining a TEFL certification is to secure a teaching job, make sure to choose a program that offers job placement services. Asian College of Teachers has established connections with schools and institutions worldwide, making it easier for graduates to find employment. Job placement assistance can significantly enhance your post-certification prospects.

    Students who have completed a course with Asian College of teachers have access to job listings, get updates about the hiring seasons, are aware of the interview questions and much more. Thus it is helpful that while enrolling for your course, talk to an advisor to know if they will provide personal guidance to find a job at your desired location.

  5. Assuming You Need To Take In-Person Course

    Most of the aspirants coming for a TEFL course believe that an in-person course is better any day than an online course and it holds more importance. However, with the focus of NEP 2020 on online education it is pretty evident that online classes should be integrated to provide equal educational opportunities for all students. Thus, if you are a working professional, you do not have to be so hell-bent on attending physical classes.

    If it doesn't align with your schedule you can simply go with online classes. Students who have completed the online TEFL course of the Asian College of Teachers have accessed the same curriculum and understanding as students offline. Moreover, the best part is that while receiving the certificate, the word 'online' is not mentioned, so you can pursue your TEFL career without any hesitation.

  6. Selecting A Cheap Course

    It is only natural for you to look for a course that is affordable but still offers all the benefits and services. However, do you think you can get a recognized TEFL certification from a discounted website along with placement assistance and live teaching? Doesn't that sound too good to be true?

    Keep in mind that not all affordable courses align with all the requirements you are seeking out from a course. Therefore, be reasonable while setting your budget and doing negotiations. Students of the Asian College of Teachers claimed that not only did they get live practice teaching hours but also availed their course at a great discount along with successful placement assistance.

  7. Falling for Unrealistic Promises

    Be wary of TEFL programs that make grandiose promises of guaranteed high-paying jobs, luxury accommodations, or immediate success upon completion of their course. While a TEFL certification can open doors to exciting opportunities, there are no guarantees in the competitive job market.

    While there is no harm in seeking guaranteed job placements or luxury accommodations, be aware that most of these come with strings attached and hidden charges. Research job prospects in your chosen destination along with salaries and other expenses and set realistic expectations. You should never fall for prospects that sound too good to be true.

Choose Your TEFL Course Wisely

Choosing the right TEFL class is a crucial step in your journey to becoming a successful English language teacher. Avoiding these seven critical mistakes will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your career goals and aspirations. Furthermore, if you choose the Asian College of Teachers as your service provider, you will not only get an accredited international TEFL certificate, but also job placement assistance, great offers and discounts, and live practice sessions.

Take your time, do your research, and invest wisely in your TEFL education to set yourself up for a rewarding and fulfilling teaching career abroad.

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