What Skills Are Necessary for Effective Teaching That Aid Primary Learners

25th March 2019

Teaching is not only a noble profession but also one of the toughest jobs to do so. Generally, in maximum situations, the required outcome of the teaching learning process is missing. Here comes the need of the effective teaching learning process and different skills are necessary for that in reality. In fact, the teacher’s behavior is directly responsible for the socio-emotional climate of the classroom. This climate in turn decides the general tone of the classroom environment. All these things are influential in affecting a student’s attitudes and beliefs, perceptions and behavioural pattern. As a part of the certificate course in pre-primary teachers training, a few skills are vital for teachers that they should keep in mind.

Classroom Control:

One of the most important skills which are necessary for effective teaching is classroom control. Even if the teacher knows his subject well, without appropriate classroom control it is impossible to stand in front of the class. In classroom control skills, the importance of communication of status can be underestimated. The way in which a teacher behaves in front the students must declare that the person is well-versed than the students. The style of classroom teaching is thus dominated by a teacher’s walking, talking and standing style and this should indicate whether the teacher is comfortable or not.

 A teacher’s posture should be relaxed and the gestures should be such that they should suggest the teacher’s mastery and experience. This is actually a hidden dominance to express confidence and firmness. A teacher should encourage the students to ask questions and interact freely in the classroom with a smiling face. In short, the teacher should be approachable and interactive with the learners.

Power of Micro-Teaching:

Part of the certificate course in pre-primary teachers training would also suggest that teachers need to demonstrate that they possess all the skills for mastering enriched with the subject matter. Extra information is always useful to motivate students and give them a proper direction for extra reading. For this, a teacher must constantly keep on learning and reading new books of his or her subject.

As far as the teaching skills are concerned, it is a separate science in itself. A specific strategy of mastering these skills is known as microteaching. There are more than 76 micro skills of teaching identified by educational psychologists which are also stressed in the certificate course in pre-primary teachers training.

Apart from the given skills, some of the other skills are the team teaching, use of educational technology, evaluation skills, efficiency and efficacy in various methods that we can think of. Again, group discussion, symposium, seminar, giving assignments and tutorials are the various types of problem-solving tools or teaching skills that can be used for effective learning. These are generally used to conduct different brainstorming ideas, sessions, programmed thinking and learning, laboratory and practical teaching learning methods with different simulation and dramatization.

Therefore, one must consider the fact that the teaching is a deliberate intervention that involves the planning as well as the implementation of numerous instructional activities and experiences to meet the intended learning outcomes according to a teaching plan.

Learning can be defined as a relatively permanent change in an individual’s behaviour. It can be in the form of gaining new knowledge, acquiring a certain skill or the process of learning can take place any time and at any place.


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