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3rd October 2017

The Montessori Method of teaching was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early part of the twentieth century. This method involves improving the system by education by helping the children help themselves. She understood the importance of letting the children be self-reliant and develop problem solving skills. The Montessori methods which are incorporated today have absorbed the same method of Montessori learning for guiding the young children. The Montessori teacher has a very significant role to play in the lives of these young children. They act as role models for these young minds. The teacher plays a major part in each and every child’s growth and development. The Montessori Method encourages the teachers to be a guide and observer of the young children. Therefore, it is extremely important that these teachers have proper training. The aspiring teachers can enroll themselves for Montessori Teacher Training Courses and prepare themselves for a successful career in this field. There are several qualities that these teachers must possess. Some of them are:

·       As the teachers act as the role models for these young children, it is important that they set good examples for them. It is natural that children would mimic everything they see and hear, that is how they learn new things. These teachers set examples for the children for proper behavior, communication and regulations and orderliness. These teachers need to respect the children as well. The teacher needs to take care of their needs and interests, so that they feel that they are important too. It is important to develop mutual trust and respect in the Montessori classroom.

·       The method involves carefully observing the children. The teaching methods are also different from the traditional ones. It includes the “bottom-up” philosophy of teaching. The children are allowed to learn in their own time. It is the teacher’s responsibility to direct the children towards the right materials. They should know when the children are ready to move on to acquire the next skill. They should simply help the children to take charge rather than taking the charge themselves.

·       You have to become the essential link between the children and the class materials. The Montessori toys are designed in a different way than the regular toys, each toy has its own learning purpose. They should be able to communicate with the children and guide them towards the learning materials.

·       You should encourage the children to learn new things and they should have the same quality as well. They learn from the students too which contributes to the continuous professional growth.

·       You have to encourage the children to learn from their mistakes and not be discouraged by them. With the teacher’s guidance the children will be able to learn from the mistakes and rectify them on their own.

·       You have to encourage the children to be self reliant. You as a teacher should know when to guide them and when to step aside and just observe their work so that they can become self-reliant.

The job of a Montessori teacher is very demanding as they have to deal with young kids all day and at the same time encourage them to be self-reliant and creative. Therefore, proper training is a must in order to become successful. 


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