Christmas Jingles To Teach Children About The Daily Life Skills

19th December 2018

With Christmas hitting the corner, you need to make the children understand the importance of festivity. Why not make the little wonders learn the basic life-skills and relate with the changes of nature by singing the Christmas jingles. As a pre-primary teacher and after gaining adequate pre and primary teacher training you need to select a few jingles to connect with the festive mood.

First is the let it snow song –

This is one of the favourite songs among kids. The best version is by Sinatra. Primary the kids enjoy the song because they get to learn about the Christmas coming bells. That is they relate to understand how the seasonal change can actually connect them with the nature. The lyrical version by Dean Martin would make the little on identify Rudolph the red-noised reindeer. Kids need to understand the seasonal changes, how to relate with the fall of snow, what is snow, what the entire area looks like. For instance being a pre-school teacher you can use the lyrics by explaining every bit of their meaning to the little learners. All of the other reindeer

                                                         Used to laugh and call him names

                                                                They never let poor Rudy

                                                               Join in any reindeer games

                                                            Then one foggy Christmas Eve

                                                                     Santa came to say

                                                           Rudolph with your nose so bright

                                                          Won't you guide my sleigh tonight

Second is the 12 days of Christmas

This is a great song which is popular among the younger minds since they get to know about the 12 different gifts that are given as part of welcoming the moment of festivity related to Christmas. If you want to teach the pre-school students how to count then this is surely a great way to make them connect with learning and stay happy at the same. Both the counting skills as well as the memory skills are harped. The fun song for kids to sing also takes the central step with the fun gifts. Take one stanza from the lyrics and would respond like,

                                    On the ninth day of Christmas, (on the eighth day of Christmas)

                                               My true love gave to me (my true love gave to me)

                                                    Nine ladies dancing (eight maids a milking)

                                                   Eight ladies dancing (seven maids a milking)

                                                    Seven ladies dancing (six maids a milking)

                                                                 Six ladies dancing (five)

                                                          Better not shout, you better not cry,

                                                                You better not in a pear tree

                                                                        On the ninth, no!

                                                                   On the eighth, come on!

Third is the famous Jingle Bells

Quite obvious to explain this song still remains fresh in the ears. Growing up listening and humming this tune, every child and their innocence is revealed once you play this song. The moment you play this song, children would dramatically dance, play and rejoice is all that you get in the end. Perfecting over your pre and primary teacher training knowledge, you actually step deeper inside their mind. The innocent and way of originally celebrate the attitude of Thanksgiving is very good. It is no doubt a positive impact. Look at the lyrics which says the rest,

                                                         Dashing through the snow

                                                        In a one-horse open sleigh

                                                         Through the fields we go

                                                            Laughing all the way.

                                                            Bells on bob-tail ring

                                                            Making spirits bright

                                                      What fun it is to ride and sing

                                                         A sleighing song tonight.


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