5 TOP Qualities for a Pre and Primary Teacher

22nd September 2017

Early childhood education is one of the most important steps of a child’s education life. This is where his or her learning starts. The first five or six years of a child’s life are when he or she builds the social as well as the emotional skills which they need to be successful in schools. The children can only be successful in learning these skills if they have the correct responsive relationships with their parents and their teachers. When the children are able to trust their caregivers that they would take care of their needs and requirements, only then would they learn to regulate their own emotions and behaviors. A strong social and emotional proficiency form the foundation for their lifelong learning which would help them in the future to succeed in schools and have steady jobs as adults. Pre Primary Teacher Training courses help the aspiring teachers to learn all the skills they need to help each and every child. There are certain qualities that the teachers of these young children must possess. Some of these features are:

·       One of the most important features of teachers for these young children is that they should have the enthusiasm and the passion to teach young children. You should try to pay attention to each and every child individually. You should try to help the children to overcome any obstacle that might come their way.

·       You should have a lot of patience in order to deal with these young learners. Their nature makes it difficult for the teachers as they have very short attention spans and they might not follow the instructions properly. They also have very little self control, making the task of the teachers especially difficult. Teachers face this kind of challenge everyday in the classroom that is why it is important that you remain patient and calm.

·       Humor goes a long way for the teachers. You should learn to handle tricky classroom situations with humor. That way it becomes easier to handle the children.

·       You should have good communication skills. You should learn effective communication skills in order to communicate with the children at their levels. You also need to communicate with their parents about their skills and their developments, so that even they can work towards the more you are proficient in communicating, the more rewarding your job will be.

·       You need to be creative and flexible. You should design the lesson in such a way that the students will feel engaged. This requires creativity. You also need to adapt the lessons so that you can incorporate individual’s learning styles and for this you need to be flexible. You should be able to modify the lesson plan or make changes in plans, as and when required.

·       You should be aware that each and every child comes from a different background and everyone is different. You should respect such differences and try to work in the child’s learning style. They come from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds. As a teacher you have to consider these differences and teach them accordingly.  

You can pursue a Masters in Primary teaching course and become eligible to teach students in pre and primary schools. 


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