Importance of Work Cards For Teachers To Aid Primary Learners

27th September 2018

Once the child has begun-to read, the kid needs as many different opportunities for reading as the teacher can provide. This is mostly evident when teachers are required to address the diversified classroom. As part of the pre-primary teacher training courses, work cards are wonderful combination of reading and writing and can be a versatile aid that is tailor-made for the situation in hand.

What does the work cards should be?

Enlisting the things that are important and form part of a work cards,   

First, it should be simple to interpret and easy to understand considering the age-group of children.

Second, the work cards must possess specific directions as it is used to instruct or guide the primary learner in completing the task.

Third, it must also stimulate the process as to the content.

Fourth, the work cards should be attractive and engaging to motivate the learner, guide them through the process. Usually, kids love to relate if the designs, colours are bright or prominent, or else they would lose their individual focus. In short, this would make your teacher training suffer badly and objective won’t be received.

Fifth, instructional requirement would mean that the teacher needs to structure a proper lesson plan to suit the market need.

Sixth, the teacher must frame the work cards in such a way so that they can orient a clear objective based on the learning or lesson for the kids.  

Seventh, this is durable, fun for the learner, along with something which is designed for an independent also and individual use.     

Eight, designed for independent, individual use. This is also suitable for the age or group and understands the ability of the class.  

Meanwhile, depending upon that the teachers who are trained in pre-primary teacher training courses in India can actually seek better understanding of the learning and development process. That way they can correct and be part of the self-corrective measures.

Nature of the work cards

Typically, when talking about the work cards we need to understand the sizes, shape and form on which the instructions are laid. Designing the work cards totally depends on the subject(s) that are being taught within the school premises. Again, they are orally motivated to consider all the guidelines and instructions as laid upon the work cards.

Things that should be remembered when planning the work cards

As a global educator you need to understand or keep in mind of the things which needs to be avoided when planning the work cards. These are,

First, the work cards should be properly planned and must not be carelessly constructed. If that happens the entire learning and development process will go wrong, making the process a waste.

Second, the process is expected to take the place of the teacher.

Third, it is mandatory for each and every child.

In short, a work card which is discussed by many leading teachers training institute is obviously useful. The sooner you as a global teacher begin to use them the better the learning process would be. Again, as part of  the language and reading, the problem  appears to be that when a child’s reading skills are not sufficiently developed he actually finds the work cards difficult because the kids is unaware of what the next process would be.


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