How Lesson Plans Help Teachers Imparting Primary Education?

21st August 2018

The basic idea of a lesson plan is to prepare a systematic way of teaching so that the process of learning can best be rendered. Thus, making it a need to create effective lesson plans for teachers.

  • Defining the idea behind creating a good lesson plan -

A good lesson is a vital component of the teaching learning process. Starting each lesson with something short and interesting will going to settle the students and engage them with the lesson. Proper classroom planning will keep teachers organized and on track and help the students to reach their objectives more easily, classroom disruptions are minimized, the stress on the teacher is reduces and the learning environment is optimized for students.

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A detailed advantage of the process would mean the following:

1. Building rapport and serve the learner’s need - Primarily so because the curriculum or syllabus wants the learner to read a lot and the presenter who is the teacher to deliver according to the requirement.

2. Maintain an organised flow of learning possible - Now to maintain a smooth transition in the learning and development process, teachers need to do proper homework on the lesson or topic.

3. Work to define the clear set of Lesson objectives - By doing the homework which needs them to plan or frame the lesson (part of the curriculum or syllabus) they should outline what is the aim or the learning that is to say the ‘lesson objective’.

Say you are a maths teacher and need to teach the younger kids to learn multiplication, as a subject matter expert you are well-versed with the process, but when considering the young minds, who had zero knowledge about multiplying numbers, you need to plan how to address the topic in a way that it will engage the attention of learners. Moreover, asking them to practice it willing fully.

4. Maximise the instructing ways to favour a child’s capacity - Again you will have a class filled with students have their individual capacities, your strategies to instruction must be different, basically creative and unique to motivate the learners to develop and deliver good results when multiplying. 

In reference to this statement, an interesting read would be 3 Instructional Strategies for Nursery Teachers to Plan Lessons Effectively.

5. Use your creative intellect - As teachers often end up repeating the same lesson for years, it is vital for them to relate with the real-time changes taking place in the society and apply the same in their teaching techniques. So teachers would connect with the learner and always won’t get lost in the mundane teaching affairs.

Hence, it is needless to say that the primary teacher training courses have been addressing the very idea of ‘lesson planning’ for the aspiring or would be teachers. At the end, the teachers need to be precise of the lesson objectives or what is called the ‘goals’. It not just aid them to compete but rather objectively aid the entire processes.  

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