Reading Is Next to This Primary Technique For Early Childhood's Education

11th July 2018

Usually, ‘reading’ as a routine communicative activity does not takes the central stage. It starts pretty late among the growing kids. Some of you, who associate with different pre-schools as caregivers after pursuing a course in the certificate in pre-school management in India, are aware of the pace children may require forwarding in reading.

  • Children crawling up to read – The general Stance!

The general practice of children learning to read happen only after you preach them ‘how to read’ – that is something which will surely come after the kid is able to identify each letter and alphabets properly. Not just that, you need to make the child adopt the process to read and learn. To make that happen, you really need to instil such “skills” within the child to help them have that ability and accordingly appear as an effective result.

  • Queued up to learn ‘how to read’

Actually, before making the child you have to prepare them for the process of reading until the appropriate age he/she reaches to read. It is here the pre-school learning aids and you as teachers of the pre-school appreciate the individual pace of every child while grasping through the process of learning.

Basically, the skills required during the pre-school sessions will instruct kids to read words by using different objectives or activities. Such activities (games, objects, props) will help the child proceed through the learning and language functions to understand how to write once they learn writing and feel comfortable to write.

That is to say, writing takes the seconding step after the kids are identified with alphabet identification, letter writing, phonetics and others to finally reach the stage of reading. 

  • Considering the pre-reading skills seriously...

Let’s unfold the skills which would automatically contribute to making the child able to read.

  1. Learning letters - Taking the pre-reading abilities into consideration, recognising letters and studying phonetics – shared sounds that letters make – both blended together to shape the children understood and grasp things properly in mind. As pre-school teachers, you are to make the kid learn sounds and shapes and both are taught together to add that proficiency that would actually enhance the level of kindergarten teaching.
  2. Using the motor skillsYou definitely need to use the motor skills of kids and because of that they use their hands, hold a pencil and try to write letters, numeric, words – all these actions combined together would automatically better the level of reading and writing and verbal learning.
  3. Putting them in pairsKids are innocent angles and yes the biggest asset to them is to play and see their friends. When you pair them in groups like A & B, C & D, 1 & 2, 3 & 4 and ask them to fill in the gap, identify what each is, they would reciprocate with the same – all fall in the category of making them learn in a playful manner. Such kind of learning is not a forced learning but would fall into the category of acquired learning. 
  4. Rhyming & learning - Research keeps shows results that words can be understood by a kid if they are taught in a rhythmic manner. At least for those learn by kinaesthetic learning. The musical and lyrical and rhythmic senses are too strong in them to learn faster and notice the alphabets. They also understand how to spell when the words are too difficult and the sentences are too long.
  5. Sessions that aid learning competencies – other than the above list, reading sessions like using a story-telling activity aid the children to learn, adapt and hear the sound. These would help them imitate the correct use of phonetics, sound and this work repeatedly doing would favour children strong.

These competencies acknowledged in the early childhood care teachers training are much appreciated at the international level while caring for the child and aid them through the developmental phases.

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