What is An ABAR Montessori Education?

13th June 2022

Education is the fundamental right of every human being in this world. There should not be any custom or ritual where people are supposed to receive an education based on their caste, creed, religion, race, skin complexion, socio-economic background, and so on. To support this notion, ABAR education i.e, Anti-bias Antiracism education has come into the picture.

ABAR training for teachers is playing a crucial role in Montessori schools. Anti-bias education in Montessori schools is being encouraged by Montessori teachers because it is essential for a child to learn these principles of life from the scratch. Thus, the demand for ABAR Montessori educators is huge.

Montessori teachers apply authentic Montessori methods of training and always look up to anti-bias teaching. During their Montessori teacher training period, they have gained a good deal of knowledge on anti-bias curriculum and how to practice such a curriculum in Montessori classrooms. Many of them have gotten an online certificate in Montessori teacher training courses and during their training period, they have understood why kids must practice anti-racism culture from a young age.

what is the training mode for this program

Fostering an unbiased learning environment for children is a priority of Montessori teachers. Anti-bias education aims to create an ambiance where every facet of human difference can get the proper education.

Montessori educators have these principles or points of view on anti-racism:

  1. To be aware of the manifestation of racism in our surroundings or somewhere else that is within our periphery to reach.
  2. Great teamwork is needed to tear down the pillar of racism.
  3. To support everyone to acknowledge, honor, and appreciate differences, etc.
  4. To incorporate anti-biased education at every level of a Montessori school.

These significant principles have been taught to Montessori teachers during their Montessori training and they have understood the real meaning. Dr. Maria Montessori has always wanted to preach the message that every child should be given respect and to make this vision turn into reality, she has always stood against the concept of racism and favoritism.

It has been observed that poverty in western countries is also race-specific. Needless to say, many talented black people are being deprived of what they deserve because of the unofficial racist culture. Let’s have a look at this.

unemployment rate by gender and race or ethnicity

Credit: https://bit.ly/3NOgxUj

Anti-Bias and Antiracism education promotes learning and respecting each other's differences. It encourages children to be proud of themselves and their families, teaches students to understand and give value to differences, and definitely to favor what is right. Anti-bias education not only addresses race and ethnicity but also includes gender, language, religious diversity, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, and economic class.

Anti-bias education has an effective problem-solving approach that is integrated into all aspects of an existing curriculum and a Montessori school's environment. An anti-bias curriculum promotes an understanding of social problems. It also motivates students to chalk out strategies so as to fight such social taboos.

To make this possible, Montessori educators are preaching these 3 prime concepts:

  1. Transforming oneself and eradicating all negative thoughts.
  2. Healing schools and other educational institutions from such depressing facts.
  3. Altering the disgusting thought processes of the society and community.

There have been multiple scenarios where many innocent people were being punished based on their skin complexion. We condemn such an act and believe that every human being should never be judged based on certain things that are not their responsibilities. For example, a person born poor is not her/his fault. Similarly, a person who is having black skin should never be deprived of any of her/his fundamental rights.

Americans have to speak about Racism

Look what the Americans have to speak about Racism

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The goal of the anti-biased education is to stop the brutality of racism that is boastfully prevailing across the globe and many high-tech metropolitan cities are also a part of this ill-practice. Therefore, Montessori teachers are practicing ABAR Montessori education in the same way they have learned during their online certificate course in Montessori teacher training.

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