Why Young Learners Globally Are the Best Learners

18th April 2018

Research has demonstrated that global educators who pursue a training in pre-primary programmes lead to higher levels of academic achievement and better adjustment during later schooling years.

“Our findings reveal that pre-school boosts a child’s chances of doing well at school and going on to take advanced level examinations,” says a principal investigator at Oxford’s education department.

Teacher Training Courses enables global educators to make a transformative journey that deepens the understanding of the potential of a child and their ability to transform the world.

Continuous study proves that Pre-primary education is intended to achieve two goals:

1. Enhance educational achievements accomplished at educational organizations & home and develop new age-appropriate competencies.

2. Early access to knowledge and skills that improve performance in the first years of primary education.

Early learning experiences of a child are important in shaping and paving the path ahead. The learning imbibed to the young learners becomes a part of their experience for life. Early childhood experiences play an important part in the growth and overall development.

The advantages of a young learner teaching system:

  1. Pre Primary Teacher Training Courses in India emphasise on building the child on a holistic level, teaching basic social skills in a collaborative setting and having the opportunity to implement activity-based learning.
  2. The main purpose of pre-primary education is to prepare children physically, emotionally, socially and mentally for formal schooling and to prevent poor performance and early dropout.
  3. Children who have been to pre-primary schools tend to learn more rapidly through an organized curriculum, learning aids and by interacting with other children.
  4. A high-quality early education makes the child a more effective learner with needs to infuse education techniques with a thorough understanding of each child’s development on a one-to-one basis.
  5. The importance of investment in children’s pre-school years for their later life outcomes is increasingly being recognised by policymakers around the world.

The significant impact of developing the young minds:

  1. The pre-primary education is widely recognized as having a significant impact on the performance of children in basic education programmes.
  2. Teachers play a pivotal role in enabling children to handle competition in a positive way. It is through effective teacher training courses in Kolkata and programs that teachers can encourage healthy competition amongst children.
  3. Quality teaching has become an issue of importance as the landscape of higher education has been facing continuous changes.
  4. Teachers trained to teach children to foster independent growth in their students, acting more like guides than traditional teachers.
  5. Montessori training supports aspects of child development, creating a match between the child’s natural interests and the available activities.

Enable young learners to discover, learn & explore:

  1. A pre-primary education system is more about enabling young learners to discover, learn and explore rather than sitting students down and teaching them all the same lessons.      
  2. The trained teachers in Pre Primary Teacher Training Courses provide children with a new perspective on the importance of education that will remain with them throughout their schooling journey.
  3. It is important to introduce our children to others and support their transition through the learning and exploring of relationships.
  4. Enabling children to develop by sharing, cooperating, take turns and persevere within a safe learning environment, guided by educators with teacher training courses who have the children’s best interests at heart.
  5. By demonstrating and instilling the importance of teamwork, young learners can learn to respect the opinions of others, listening, cooperation and equality.

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