Attending Workshops or Online Course - Which is Better for Working Professionals?

15th September 2017

Corporate professional training classes are meant for working professionals so that they develop the requisite skills and expertise and become adept at their work. Employees usually have some weaknesses that they need to fix, hence either the organizations that they work for or they themselves enrol for various training sessions, which suits their needs and requirements. These training sessions are conducted by professional trainers, who are expert in their fields.
Because trainers are involved in the continuous improvement of the employees of an organization, hence it is imperative for them to also keep themselves updated with the latest tools and technology required to be able to impart knowledge and skills to the professionals attending the training programs. Many trainers, whether on-job or aspiring are often at a loss as to which kind of training program, whether online or in-class like workshops and training sessions, they should attend so as to reap the maximum benefits. There are two types of training programs offered by the training institutes – online and in-class/workshops. These two types of training programs – online and in-class/workshops, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You and your organization may opt for online training sessions, whereas some other may opt for in-class programs. There are some differences between them which if is clear to you, will help you to choose between the two.

Workshops or in-class training programs are conducted for a fixed interval of time at a fixed location where the trainer and trainees get to discuss and share information face-to-face. In most organizations their in-house trainers are also involved in other work engagements in the organization, where it becomes a problem for them to attend training classes on a regular mode. Therefore, if you or the organization where you are employed has time crunch where it is an issue for their in-house trainers interested in pursuing a training session to dedicate fixed interval of time on a regular basis, then online programs will suit you better.Moreover, due to the prolific use of internet all over the world, the various training programs available there, is also becoming quite popular among all aspiring learners. Also, you can hardly ignore the fact that online training programs cost less and can be afforded even by small organizations.
Nonetheless, there are certain features that remain same in both the modes of training. For instance, the curriculum remains same (with the in-class training session costing more than the online program), in both the modes of training programs the trainees imbibe the lessons and knowledge provided to them (in the regular mode there are accomplished trainer/mentor taking the class and in the online mode, the information is provided online to the candidates, with tutor support provided to the candidates who act as a guide and a support to help them with their doubts and queries, as and when required).
However, the major difference is that in face-to-face class programs, the information and skills are directly passed on to the learners by the trainers with ample scope of interaction among all (which is again a necessary part of life of a professional), where most of their queries will get solved right at that moment, whereas in the online mode there will be no one for discussion and interaction while pursuing the course and the candidates need to jot down their queries and doubts and email them to their tutors provided by the training institute that they enrolled in for the course, for clarification, or at the most call the tutors within a fixed interval. Again, in online mode, the candidates can pursue the course at their own pace as there is no pressure on them to follow and stay with other trainees.
With their list of advantages and disadvantages known, you can choose your preferred mode of learning, without much confusion!


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