How can Special Education Help Children with Learning Issues?

14th September 2017

In Indonesia, there is a concrete education system run and governed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Both formal and non-formal education is imparted in the numerous public and private schools in the country. But, what about special education? How are those students with learning disabilities taught and trained with proper care in the country?

Well, according to the Indonesian National Education Law, every child in need of special care for their learning disabilities have the right to be enrolled in special education centers called “Sekolah Luar Biasa”. These schools are slowly expanding their outreach and employing certified teachers across the globe to enhance the special education program. If you have a certificate in any of the recognized special education courses in Indonesia, you can apply for a job in these schools to help the children who need your support and guidance the most. But, how are you going to make their problems easier to cope with? How will you be able to resolve the issues of learning disability? Scroll down to know.

Using a Tape Recorder for Dyslexic Children:
Children suffering from Dyslexia or similar learning disabilities often find it difficult to decipher the printed text. They appear jumbled up to them with no meaning whatsoever. Therefore, you can use a tape recorder to teach them regular lessons instead of giving them a printed text to learn.

Note down the Key Points in a Lesson:
You cannot expect a child with learning disorder bone up the entire text in his/her books, can you? So, make it a point to note down the key areas in a simple language so that they get the gist of what the lesson is all about. Then, if they find it interesting enough, you can read out the entire text for their reference.

Develop a Regular Routine:
Maintaining a regular routine is said to be highly beneficial to these special children. A proper structure plays a prominent role and, it is your duty to bring about order and discipline in their lives for their betterment.

Use Assistive Technologies:
In the world of technology, nothing is impossible. So, use the advanced software and applications for assistive guidance for children in need of special education in Indonesia. Now, you can always give them a better platform to learn how to express themselves, right? Technology can help you with that.

There are several special education courses in Indonesia that you can opt for. These children are looking forward to your helping them. If you want to create a difference, this is the right opportunity. The country will be grateful to you for your contribution toward the betterment of their future.

Written By: Sampa De      

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