Working with Children with Special Educational Needs must be an Essential Part of Teacher Training
Babies are born with Down Syndrome

Of the children are diagnosed with ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Of children have Developmental Disability

Diploma and
PG Diploma in Special Education
If you are looking for a comprehensive course in Special Education then opt for Special Education courses in 3 levels i.e. Certificate, Diploma and Postgraduate levels offered by Asian College of Teachers, the leader in teacher education in Asia. The online courses are designed for both aspiring and working teachers and professionals who want to be associated with the teaching of children with special needs.
Diploma and
PG Diploma in Learning Disabilities
ACT offers programs on Learning Disabilities in Certificate, Diploma and Postgraduate levels and builds an in-depth understanding about Learning Disabilities and makes a genuine difference as an educator in an inclusive classroom. The course gives you a thorough idea and will acquaint you with the types of behaviour related with the various types of learning disabilities and how to identify them in various learners.
3 Reasons Why Should You Attend a SEN Course
If you are planning to make a foray into SEN teaching or wish to learn the 21st century teaching techniques to identify & teach children with special needs in an inclusive classroom
Whether you are currently working in a role that requires you to learn about SEN or you just want to add this training on your CV, these courses are apt for you
Our SEN courses are internationally recognised by Schools and are designed to provide you with everything you need to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs
Understanding the Concept of Mental Retardation While Teaching Special Needs Children
Mental retardation (MR) is one of the more common developmental special needs and can be idiopathic plus challenging to identify in general children who have developmental delays. Its identification consists of three criteria: concurrent, significant limitations in both intelligence and adaptive skills that begin in childhood (birth to age eighteen).
Early Intervention or Detecting the Learning Disabilities to Help the Child Successfully in Time
You’d be surprised to know that celebrities like Keira Knightley, Michael Phelps, Daniel Radcliffe, Steven Spielberg, etc. have struggled with learning disabilities while growing up. Quite understandably, every so often they suffered in school, in the social state of affairs, and sometimes at home too, but they had the strength to continue.
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