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Cambridge TKT consists of three core modules, with one test for each. After the successful completion of each module, the candidates are provided with Cambridge English certificates. The test for each module has 80 questions and continues for 80 minutes and may be taken together or separately, in any order as per candidate’s preference. All authorised centres for TKT are inspected by Cambridge English Assessment to ensure that the centres meet their high standards.

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Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is an approved and authorized centre to conduct Cambridge TKT Exam in Indian cities – Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai , Bangalore , Hyderabad and Chennai which is inspected by Cambridge English Assessment into alignment with their high standards. Interested candidates can register for the test at any of ACT’s TKT exam centre.

Cambridge TKT for Schools

Encourage your teachers to take Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)!!!
If you really want your teachers to develop professionally through the course of their careers then we, at Asian College of Teachers (ACT), strongly feel that you help them grow with Cambridge. With constant changes in the educational landscape, every school leadership must encourage professional development of their teaching workforce which updates individual’s skills, approaches and expertise. Provide your teachers with professional development opportunities and help them transform from teachers to reflective educators.
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Boost your teaching career with TKT

Teaching Knowledge Test, or TKT, is apt for aspirants willing to develop themselves as a teacher but lack the idea or knowledge of the modern English teaching methodologies, required skills and approaches; the TKT test will certainly enhance their teaching career and give it the much needed boost. For this, they have to register and appear for as many modules as they want, over any period of time and receive Cambridge English certificates for each completed module.

TKT is an international teaching qualification for teachers to teach abroad which also gives them the best of teaching opportunities to teach around the world. This is also a prestigious teaching qualification that gives a necessary boost to the teaching career of the candidates and provides them with a certification that is sought after by employers. The certificate is accepted in 60 countries of the world and is the best option for a teacher’s professional development. Existing teachers can also go for a TKT qualification upgradation for future career growth.

Prepare for Cambridge TKT Exam with ACT

If you are willing to become an effective teacher and improve your teaching skills then you must opt for Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT). Anyone interested to take Cambridge TKT can apply and prepare for the exam through us and gain an internationally reputed Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Certificate (Cambridge TKT). This is a great opportunity to improve your teaching knowledge with a globally recognised certificate.

It is a paper based program and each module has one test paper. The duration for each module exam is 80 minutes. Each module has 80 questions and each question carries 1 mark. There are multiple-choice and matching questions.


Get an insight into teaching with Cambridge TKT Exam

Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test

Test Modules


Part 1 : Language and Background to Language and Teaching
Part 2 : Background to Language Learning
Part 3 : Background to Language Teaching



Part 1 : Planning and Preparing a Lesson or Sequence of Lessons
Part 2 : Selection and Use of Resources



Part 1 : Teacher's and Learner's Language in the Classroom
Part 2 : Classroom Management


TKT CLIL (Content and language Integrated Learning) MODULE

Part 1 : Knowledge of CLIL and Principles of CLIL
Part 2 : Lesson Preparation
Lesson Delivery


TKT YL (Young Learners) MODULE

  • The learning and development of young learners
  • Planning lessons for young learners
  • Teaching strategies, practice activities and resources used to support and challenge language learning in young learners.

Cambridge TKT Examination Dates & Locations

Dates Location
Coming soon Kolkata
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Coming soon Mumbai
Coming soon Chennai
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Gain The Cambridge Advantage

Cambridge TKT Exam

Cambridge TKT is suitable for educators of any age group or abilities, irrespective of their background and teaching experience. The internationally accepted certificate provides an advantage which will prove a teacher’s language teaching abilities. It gives a fitting start to an aspirant’s career willing to gain the necessary confidence and skills. For experienced teachers willing to specialise in a certain area, or are starting to teach English for the first time, the TKT certification may just be the qualification they need. An educator may opt for TKT at any point of their teaching career.

  • Candidates will receive a globally recognised certificate accepted in over 60 countries
  • Study independently, or take a preparation course online
  • TKT certification is a qualification that shows you are familiar with different teaching methodologies
  • It also certifies that you know how to use teaching resources effectively, understand key aspects of lesson planning and can use different classroom management methods for different needs.

Educators who opt for TKT gain self-confidence and develop their teaching ability. Professional development and self-confidence are closely related and working on each leads to the improvement of the other. The more one develops the teaching ability, the more confident he/she will become when it comes to teaching. In a similar way, the more confident one becomes in the teaching skills, the better prepared he/she is, to move on to the next level, i.e. gain a deeper insight in the understanding of learning and teaching as well as to find out about the latest learning and teaching strategies and try out new teaching practices. Thus TKT will surely develop the teaching ability and aid in a teacher's professional development.

Schools can take the initiative to make Cambridge TKT a part of their plan of action in order to improve teaching and learning of teachers, which in turn will benefit them in the long run. Teachers would get an in-depth idea regarding modern English teaching methodologies, required skills and approaches. Schools can take a step and aid in equipping their teachers with various teaching strategies and how to effectively use available resources, getting a grip on the chief aspects of lesson planning and using various methods for classroom management catering to different needs.

The Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test provides the required boost to one’s teaching career and instils the 21st century teaching strategies, making you adept in handling classroom situation in a more method oriented manner. The test also improves your career opportunities by widening your teaching experience into specialist areas; also preparing for TKT will enhance your confidence as a quality teacher and provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to help you develop your career.

Cambridge TKT comprises of three core modules, with one test for each. Cambridge English certificates are provided after the completion of each module. Each modular test has 80 questions and continues for 80 minutes and may be taken together or separately, in any order of the candidate's preference. All authorised TKT centres are inspected by Cambridge English Assessment ensuring that the centres meet their high standards.

*This examination is conducted only in India.

Cambridge TKT Examination Fee

One module (without preparation):

Rs. 5500 ( additional dispatch fee applicable)

One module (with preparation):

Rs. 8500 (additional dispatch fee applicable)

Applicants will get Rs. 500 discount on every additional module purchase.

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