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Asian College of Teachers brings internationally recognized and accredited premium teaching courses endorsed by TQUK, an OFQUAL regulated awarding organization in England and all ACT students can qualify for Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) by CAMBRIDGE.


Interactive Online 1-year Diploma for Teachers

ACT offers 1-year International Diploma in Education, Teaching & Learning a well-tailored teacher training course for aspiring as well as active teachers planning to step into the world of teaching pre-school children, primary school students or secondary school students in India or abroad.

1 Year Teaching Diploma Highlights

Learn Modern Teaching Techniques and Earn International Certificate and Quick Job.

This 1 year online teaching Diploma has been developed to familiarize the future teaching professionals with the educational theory and practice so that they have a better understanding of the learning needs and be responsive to the demands of the 21st century students.

The program has four semesters of 3 months each. Semester one and two comprise of the core compulsory components which will focus on Principles of Education, Educational Psychology, Theories of Learning along with Different Teaching Methods/Approaches and instructional Strategies, Assessment, Evaluation in differentiated learning, Classroom management and material Development. In Semester three and four you can choose two specialization areas from 5 specialization options including teaching pre-primary-secondary, Montessori, Early Childhood or Special Education.

This course will be immensely helpful for early childhood curriculum developer, course coordinator, consultant associated with pre-schools or secondary schools and even for those planning to open a pre and primary school apart from aspiring teachers in India and abroad.

Preparing Modern Teachers

  • Latest 21st Century Teaching Curriculum
  • Huge Teachers Resources
  • E-Learning platform
  • Optional Classroom sessions in New Delhi, Mumbai Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Cochin
  • Webinar sessions by experts from big Schools
  • Optional Private Tutor Support

Best Teaching Jobs

  • 100% placement assistance in India and Abroad
  • All students get campus recruitment opportunities at any of our centres
  • Huge 30,000 alumni base globally teaching all over the globe
  • Access to our partner Job Network Portal
  • Free upgrades to new teaching methods

Course Details


Core Components

Semester 1: Principles of Teaching

  • Principles of Education
  • Educational Psychology and Theories of Learning
  • Different Teaching Methods/Approaches for YL & AL
  • Teacher as facilitator- monitoring & motivation
  • Term 1- Assessment (MCQ & reflective)

Semester 2: Teaching Strategies

  • Lesson planning and instructional strategies
  • Assessment and evaluation in differentiated learning
  • Inclusive Classroom management with emphasis on special education needs
  • Resource and material Development
  • Language learning VS acquisition
  • Term 2 – Assessment (MCQ & reflective)

You can either opt for Teaching Practice or complete an Alternative Assignment.

For Semesters 3 & 4 Choose any 2 Specialized Subjects

ECE (Early Childhood)

  • Introduction to ECC
  • Stages of development
  • Factors affecting early childhood
  • Helping early childhood learners settle down in school

MTT (Montessori)

  • Maria Montessori –philosophy,methodology,psychology
  • EPL & Sensorial
  • Language and Maths in Montessori school
  • Art and craft for young learners

NTT (Nursery)

  • Introduction to teaching young learners
  • Importance of play and play way approach
  • Child, health & nutrition
  • Self awareness

PSTT (Primary & Secondary)

  • Language learning VS acquisition
  • Project method
  • Grammar & phonology
  • Integrating technology in the classroom

SEN (Special education needs)

  • Identifying various types of learning challenges
  • Identifying and supporting learners with special needs
  • Managing behaviour of special need children
  • ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy

Check Why We are the Best

Teachers Training Institute in India

Course Fee

  • Course fee 35000 INR / 600 USD
  • Varied online payment modes/bank transfer/cash
  • Easy instalment options
  • Scholarship for meritorious candidates


  • ACT courses are endorsed by Training Qualifications, UK
  • ACT certificate is globally recognized
  • Get certified by the leading institution for teaching in Asia
  • "Online" and "Distance" are not mentioned in the certificates


  • ACT courses are accredited by international bodies
  • ACT is a proud member of several esteemed professional bodies
  • Candidates also have the opportunity to appear for Cambridge TKT and receive a separate Cambridge certificate

Placement & Jobs

  • ACT provides 100% placement support
  • Latest information regarding job vacancies
  • Vacancies posted on ACT Facebook pages
  • Placement opportunity through partner portals and alumni base

Support Services

  • Complete guidance from the accomplished tutors
  • Training imparted on latest teaching theories and approaches
  • Total back-end support catering to academic needs
  • Easy access to academic and support teams via mail, chat etc.

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Experienced tutors patiently address individual requirements
  • They assess based on the trainee's individual needs
  • Tutors take a couple of days to evaluate assignments
  • Evaluation done on the basis of varied parameters

Job Opportunities

  • Rewarding career in teaching awaits in India & abroad
  • Trainees can work in the field of early childhood care & nutrition
  • Openings galore in Thailand, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia
  • Trainees can apply for curriculum developer, course coordinator, consultant

What Students Say

ACT attaches a lot of importance to student feedback