New Education Policy 2020 about to bring Major Changes in School and Higher Education
Today everyone is aware of the New Education Policy (NEP) that has been launched on July 29, 2020 by the Central government after a good 34 years since the last education policy in 1986. So, what does it has in store for 21st century educators who are looking to break the shackles of the age-old teaching practices and adopt new and innovative teaching mind-sets and skills for today’s learners and prosper as a global teaching professional?
Academic Support
Get complete guidance while pursuing the course from our expert trainers and total back-end support catering to your academic needs with easy access to the resources and course materials.
Interact online from anywhere
Trainees will get opportunity to attend live classes and take part in collaborative activities with their trainers and peers virtually from anywhere at the click of their mouse.
Cost effective learning
Webinar based courses are also cost-effective due to its ability to not just train but empower future educators and impart training to participants without time-consuming and costly travel.
ACT Celebrates Teachers Day With Great Zeal And Some Great Performances
Every year on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Asian College of Teachers aims to focus on appreciating the contribution of teachers and educators across the country.
ECE Teachers Have More Than Just Teaching Online Classes Now
The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the field of early childhood education (ECE) as schools, educational institutions of most of the part of the world have closed their campuses completely. From preschool to college, these are the places where tomorrow’s early childhood education teachers are earning their credentials and experience.
Using Visuals in Conducting Workplace Training
Did you know that despite the multiple known benefits stemming from the use of visuals, trainers are not always fully aware of their benefits, and hence they do not use visuals as often as they should? According to research, 83% of human learning occurs visually, indicating that opting for visual learning is essential to perform impactful training.
Understanding How to Motivate to Improve Performance
All School Leaders / Principal want their teachers to be the best in the industry and be great teachers. In all practical sense, not every teacher is a great teacher. It takes a lot of time and effort in developing a teacher. One of the major tasks of school authorities is to improve teacher quality. An able school leader has the ability to take any teacher to the next level with the right motivation and guidance.
5 Tips to Write a Professional Resume for Getting Hired to Teach English Overseas
A career in teaching English opportunities in Canada are numerous and varied and language learning is a primary industry in Canada and now it has become a top destination world-wide for language learning. There is still a big percentage of Canadian natives who do not speak English.The demand for English teachers in Canada is also rising.
Placement Webinars -28th August 2020
ACT successfully conducted placement webinars on 28th August 2020, guiding its students about how to prepare themselves for the teaching and training opportunities across the world.
Success Story- Glady Akshal Keziah: Placed in Remo International School- Chennai
Glady, a former ground handling agent in Chennai’s airport, is now a successful teacher in one of the renowned international schools in Chennai. Teaching has always been one of her greatest passions, and since childhood, her heart and soul were always drenched with the urge to become a teacher. Hence, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English, she had decided to pursue her passion.
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