Special Education: The 21st Century Classroom Perspective
A career in being a SEN professional is in high demand, and apart from the mandate qualifications, the enthusiasm and apprehension for SEN children are essential to be a good special education teacher. Generally, students are most influenced by the eminence of their teachers.
Educational Expansion Of ACT Comprises Pearson And NCFE CACHE Courses
ACT as a teacher training institution is always in search for global institutions like Pearson and NCFE CACHE to expose our students to tools and resources and delve deeper into global educational standards.
How to Become an Online Primary Education Teaching Professional
Have you ever wished for an off-beat teaching career where every day is a different one? Not only this, how about you getting an opportunity to formulate a bona fide difference in students’ lives? It’s time to explore a career in online teaching
Handling Conduct Disorder through Counselling
Conduct disorder is a serious behavioural and emotional disorder that occurs when children display a pattern of disruptive and violent behaviour and engage in antisocial behaviours.
Reasons Why the Change Management is an Important Process
Change is universal. Change is always done to grow or improve one’s self or a group of people of any organization. Change is often said to be constant in one’s life. The same holds true in a business. In an organization, it is very important to implement Kaizen (continuous improvement).
TTT Webinar- 8th Aug to 3rd October 2020
The Master Training webinar program enables experienced trainers to further develop their skills in delivering training, assessed against measurable, objective criteria.
This practical, skill-based course offers a structured approach to planning and delivering training.  
TEFL in 21st Century Framework
Our 3 days webinar has been developed to acquaint aspiring as well as working teachers with the contemporary 21st century teaching approaches and techniques. The webinar will help create expert and specialized knowledge required for a 21st Century Classroom. 
Webinar Series- 1st to 29th August 2020
The webinar series has been developed to equip aspiring as well as working teachers with the contemporary 21st century teaching approaches and techniques. It is designed for today's educators covering topics like: 21st Century Transformation, Gamification and Learning, Classroom Management and Learning, Evaluation & Feedback.
EDM Webinar- 5th to 26th September 2020
Education Management and Leadership courses offered by Asian College of Teachers are designed for aspirants planning to make a foray into the management and administrative arena of educational institutions.  
ACT conducted a Live placement webinar on 16th July 2020
ACT conducted a Live placement webinar on some of the recent know hows that the students should be aware before applying for different opportunities across the globe
We are proud to share that two TEFL batches were conducted successfully in Kolkata and Bangalore amid the ongoing pandemic.
ACT adhered to the pandemic protocols of physical distancing, hand hygiene and other critical behaviours required for the educational setting to emerge victorious in its endeavour. The success of this approach was due to the joint effort from every ACT student and staff member as we worked together to not let COVID-19 become a barrier to learning and progress.