You need a B.Ed. to become a teacher in India is a myth in 21st Century Classroom
The quality of teachers determines the quality of education and the economic well-being of a society depends on the impact of good teaching. It’s much more than teaching for teachers today, it’s no longer working locally but globally and the focus remains on sharing, collaborating, playing multiple roles and pledging to be a lifelong learner themselves. The goal is to meet the needs of all students through fun, engaging and developmentally appropriate lessons and activities and helping students to want to learn. Today’s teachers need to constantly work on improving their pedagogical skills and using innovative teaching methods.
Academic Support
Get complete guidance while pursuing the course from our expert trainers and total back-end support catering to your academic needs with easy access to the resources and course materials.
Interact online from anywhere
Trainees will get opportunity to attend live classes and take part in collaborative activities with their trainers and peers virtually from anywhere at the click of their mouse.
Cost effective learning
Webinar based courses are also cost-effective due to its ability to not just train but empower future educators and impart training to participants without time-consuming and costly travel.
ACT was not bogged down by the pandemic and celebrated Independence Day With gusto
COVID-19 has gripped the world but the pandemic could not dampen the spirit of the members of ACT family. Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 14th August, 2020 at the ACT Kolkata centre
Coexisting Conditions That Sometimes Come With ADHD
We are quite aware of the fact that untreated ADHD can give challenges in everyday life of a child, while some other conditions can also drive redundant suffering in children with ADHD as well as their families… if left untreated. That is why the awareness and proper diagnosis is extremely important. ADHD may coexist with one or more special needs conditions.
Factors Shaping The Learning Transfer From Training Within Organisations
Transfer of learning can be defined as the process of applying the knowledge and skills gathered from a training session, on the real job role. The entire point of organisational training is to enhance the employees’ abilities and performances so that the organisational goals can be satisfied.
ACT's Licensed program to teach globally
Academic associations and international collaborations are the cornerstone of our student success.This belief underlines our search for global institutions like Pearson and NCFE CACHE to expose our students to tools and resources and delve deeper into global educational standards.
Human Relations is Educational Administration
Human Relations is considered the capacity to interact and work well with other individuals. Human Relations looks at both individual and group dynamics in the social scene.When we speak about human relations, the word "conflict" cannot be far away.
ACT conducted a Live Webinar on 19th August 2020
ACT conducted a live webinar on transition from teaching to a management role in schools with Dr. Anuradha Jaiswal, Director of Academics, Gems English Medium School, Nashik, Maharashtra
Live Webinar on ACT started it's TEFL Weekend Classes from 22nd August 2020
ACT started conducting its weekend TEFL classes from 22nd August for students all across the world.
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