Why should teachers need to be aware of multicultural counselling approaches?
Multicultural counselling is an approach to counseling where you as a teacher must understand and take into consideration that the student’s world is different than your own, and for this you need to be aware of the cultural norms of the students and get familiar with them.
ACT Webinar Series can be a Great Value Addition to your Teaching Career
Asian College of Teachers proudly claim to be a research driven teacher training institute that always tries to keep pace with the changing times to fulfill the requirements of aspiring teaching professionals. Utilize this pandemic situation and attend the webinars on varied topics like 21st Century Transformation - Teacher to Facilitator, Gamification & Learning, Classroom Management, Learning, Evaluation & Feedback to enhance your 21st century educational knowledge from the comfort of your home.
The 7 Steps needed to put Your Dream of Online Teaching into Action
There’s never been a better time to become an effective online teacher. The millions of students have been affected by the COVID-19 school conclusions, and students along with teachers are facing a level of improbability with reverence to their prospects in the Covid-19 lockdown.
How 21st Century Training Programs Impact Employee Retention
Replacing an employee can be expensive (most of the time), and losing high-performing employees can also have an effect on the team efficiency and employee self-confidence. Here comes the significance of 21st century valuable training programs which help in employee retention.
TTT Webinar- 8th Aug to 3rd October 2020
The Master Training webinar program enables experienced trainers to further develop their skills in delivering training, assessed against measurable, objective criteria.
This practical, skill-based course offers a structured approach to planning and delivering training.  
TEFL in 21st Century Framework -18th to 20th Sept
Our 3 days webinar has been developed to acquaint aspiring as well as working teachers with the contemporary 21st century teaching approaches and techniques. The webinar will help create expert and specialized knowledge required for a 21st Century.  
Webinar Series- 1st to 29th August 2020
The webinar series has been developed to equip aspiring as well as working teachers with the contemporary 21st century teaching approaches and techniques. It is designed for today's educators covering topics like: 21st Century Transformation, Gamification and Learning, Classroom Management and Learning, Evaluation & Feedback.
EDM Webinar- 5th to 26th September 2020
Education Management and Leadership courses offered by Asian College of Teachers are designed for aspirants planning to make a foray into the management and administrative arena of educational institutions.  
TEFL Webinar -Starts 22nd August 2020
Our TEFL webinar-based program comprises of 120 hours of TEFL online program access and online assignments along with a number of interactive webinar sessions with our expert trainers. Students will receive a 100% placement assistance after the course. 
ITD Webinar - Starts 29th August 2020
International Teaching Diploma (ITD) is a tailor made program by ACT, for both aspiring and working teachers looking for an international teacher training program enabling them to work in the Primary, Montessori and Nursery schools across the globe. 
1 Day Webinar on Virtual Training- 8th August 2020
This is a six hours online webinar based training that dives deeply into the strategies, techniques and tools needed for Virtual Instructor led training.
ACT conducted a Live Webinar on 21st Century Teaching Strategies with students across Asia and Middle East on 25th July 2020
ACT conducted a Live placement webinar on some of the recent know hows that the students should be aware before applying for different opportunities across the globe.
ACT conducted a Live Q & A Session with Ms. Bhavna Kawa about "Techniques of Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages" on 30th July 2020
The session focused on the new age TESOL /TEFL techniques apt for a 21st Century classroom. Ms. Bhavna Kawa (consultant English Teacher at Linguaphile Skills Hub, UK) is a teacher, life coach and qualified specific learning difficulty professional (SpLD) based in the UK .