Do you have questions related to the evaluation of Corporate Training Strategy? Wondering about evaluation methods? Are you looking for a guideline to help you achieve your goals of a Corporate Trainer? If so, then watch our exclusive webcast, Evaluating your Corporate Training Strategy.
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Points covered in the webcast
Understanding and evaluating the learning culture of an organisation especially during such uncertain times and the need for evaluating training strategies is the need of the hour more than ever.
Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is crucial in understanding the audience. Your audience whether homogenous or heterogenous must be evaluated and analysed as per their needs, age group, position etc.
To understand the core competencies of employees, the company needs to provide the trainer with employee details to get a better understanding of the training needs be it internal or external trainers.
The Learning Paths like Management By Objectives (MBO) approach would be an appropriate one to understand the relation between learning paths and the competencies.
Aspiring trainers need to get L&D certified to grasp requisite knowledge and technicalities of the job and as the field of training is quite ‘impromptu’ it requires efficiency and lots of research work.
Do you know that as a trainer you need to put yourself into the shoes of the trainees ? If you are really keen to excel as a trainer, you must be ready for new learning experiences.
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