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20th April 2017

Shadow teachers are being hired in mainstream schools across the globe

Due to the growing awareness in schools as well as among parents across the globe, Special Needs children are getting enrolled in regular schools and are attending classes alongside regular students. This has been possible mainly due to the presence of “shadow teachers” who are qualified and trained to support children with SPECIAL EDUCATION needs (SEN) and are recruited by mainstream schools on a regular basis to assist children with Special Needs.  Their constant presence in classrooms helps these children to focus on lessons to learning how to socialise with their peers. The regular and shadow teachers complement each other and are the backbones of the smooth and effective functioning of the inclusive classrooms today. 

17th April 2017

Nuances of a perfect training session revealed at our 4 Days L & D Workshop in Bangalore

Learning and Development (L & D) has become the key for businesses to grow and drive performance and effectiveness and it is imperative for not only aspiring trainers but also for those in leadership roles looking for specialized training which covers best practices and latest techniques in planning and delivery of that perfect training session. 

We, at Centre for Training and Professional Development, the training wing of Asian College of Teachers, are conducting a 4 days compact workshop to cover all aspects of training right from design to delivery. Our 4 Days L & D Workshop has been a runaway success already in Bangalore which has met the insatiable training needs of the participants with an accomplished mentor leading the way and throwing all participants into that learning gear as they eat, laugh and learn together. 

10th April 2017

A Workshop that explored the strategies to engage tender minds through joyful learning

Asian College of Teachers, a leading name in teacher education and winner of Asia Pacific Achievers’ Award, 2016 and Indian Education Awards, 2017 designs varied workshops with the aim to complement the training we, at ACT, impart to our trainees planning an extensive career in teaching. One such workshop was held at Little Scholars, Preschool and Montessori House, a part of the chain of schools like DPS Megacity and DPS Howrah in Kolkata on 7th April, 2017 which revolved around an interesting and pertinent topic – “Ways of dealing with Young Learners through Joyful Learning” which harped on engaging the hearts and minds of young learners that impact them in a positive manner. The workshop saw an overwhelming participation from the Principal and all the teachers of Little Scholars, the preschool which has adapted its learning and teaching methods from Dr. Maria Montessori's principles, a general way of observing and absorbing. 


3rd April 2017

New ITD Batch begins in Great Spirit at ACT, Kolkata

It is with great joy to declare that we, at Asian College of Teachers (ACT), have begun our new International Teaching Diploma (ITD) full-time batch for the year 2017. The course started on 3rd April and will continue for the next 3 weeks. The batch started with a lot of vigour and vibrancy that was prominently noticed among all the promising trainees and the trainers alike.

ACT’s ITD program with specialization in Pre-Primary, Montessori and Nursery Teachers Training is all about making the aspiring as well as working teachers well trained in modern teaching approaches and methodologies and making them skilled enough to become expert educators with global perspectives so that they are able to guide and support the children in international classrooms towards an impressive future.

29th March 2017

ACT warmly welcomes its ITD students to an Orientation Session

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) awarded the “Best Teacher Training Institute” by Indian Education Congress in 2017 welcomes all International Teaching Diploma students to an Orientation Session at its Kolkata campus. The Orientation Session started with the introduction activity which was aimed at introducing the students with the institution and its people and sharing important information about how to get started with the International Teaching Diploma course at ACT.

The students and the tutors got to know each other through the name game which is a part of the Diploma program itself. The session further shed light on the flow of the program in due course and touching upon the rules and regulations which the students need to abide by. The session rounded off with a fun “I am” activity as the teaching aspirants geared up for learning in a setting that will help them to grow both on personal and professional levels in the coming weeks.

22nd March 2017

To meet the demand for the ITD course, ACT comes up with an additional batch

International Teaching Diploma (ITD), with specializations in Pre and Primary, Montessori and Nursery Teachers Training, is a professional course offered by Asian College of Teachers (ACT) that caters to all the teaching aspirants aiming to become globally accomplished teachers who can truly make a difference.

It is our great pleasure to announce that due to the enormous demand of the course, we at ACT are adding another batch starting from 15th May till 2nd June, to the already existing batches for the year, 2017. Even before the commencement of the program, this requirement for an additional batch truly shows ACT's credibility and contribution in the field of Teacher Training and Education, as we have been doing so since 2007.

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