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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in 21st Century Teacher Training

4th May 2020

As the teachers have the prospect to structure the minds of upcoming generations, hence, the expressive association between the teacher and the student has become essential as it continues forever. Nevertheless, a teacher has some limitations to communicate with students at an emotional level. It is the responsibility of teachers to develop students of tomorrow with a positive and constructive attitude towards life. What is Emotional Intelligence in Teacher Training? In plain and simple wo ...


The Benefits of Adapting of Global Requirements for Future Educators

20th April 2020

The modern educational system throws in a number of challenges for the modern day educators who are looking to make a mark as the ardent professionals in the sphere of education. There are quite a few ways by which the prohibition of these challenges can be done in a proper manner. These ways are known as global requirements and the future educators need to adapt to them in order to get a better and in-depth understanding about the overall teaching-learning procedure and its development, especia ...


Utilization of Skills of Learner Engagement by a 21st Century Educator

6th April 2020

In the modern-day educational scenario, it is of utmost importance to ensure that there is no lack of concentration from the learners, which is also one of the prime jobs of the educators. In this respect, the mechanism of learner engagement can come very handy and can help the educators to have a better perspective at educating the students. It is absolutely crucial for the 21st century teachers to inculcate these skills of learner engagement as well. In the following lines, we will have a l ...


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