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Practical Implications of Early Childhood Education in India: Social and Emotional Learning

18th December 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has considerably transformed the whole education system. At present, the e-books and digital content deliver the flexibility to learn at the learner’s own pace from anywhere, anytime. Also, online learning generates an advantageous learning environment at home as well. Therefore, evolving with the needs of the K-12 environment is important to sustain in the current educational world. The early childhood education courses are developing future 21st-century teac ...


5 Points That Describe the Truth That How Augmented Reality Helps in Early Childhood Care and Education

17th December 2019

In the world of education, early education is all about learning through knowledge and experience. The young learners can be subjective and extremely motivated by the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) in a variety of fields of learning. AR is being used to improve and harmonize the real-world examination along with the play that constructs an unyielding establishment in the pre-school years. With all these, the online teacher training certificate course in early childhood care and education ...


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