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Facts About Covid19 On EFL That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

25th August 2020

The TEFL industry has faced a big blow with the coronavirus pandemic along with the consequent lockdown around the world. At present, the health and life have become the first priority for everyone. Quite obviously, a number of children and young people cannot proceed with their day-to-day study as a result of the outbreak. So, what is its effect on the international educational activities? How will it affect the approaching TEFL education systems? Will there still be EFL jobs for those w ...


5 Strategies for Professional Development and How They Affect the Certificate in TEFL Course

5th June 2019

Professional Development indicates towards the measureable evaluation by means of which the participants in a particular process can understand their considerable growth in terms of performance in the course curriculum. The teachers can also get help from the procedure so as to understand how the learners are faring with their style of pertaining knowledge, especially in a comprehensive course such as the certificate in TEFL course. In the following lines, we will take a look at how the vario ...


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