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Avoid These 5 Counseling Mistakes To Help Students Effectively

23rd September 2021

Counseling has been extensively used to guide and support students toward new insights. Counseling learners is not an easy task as it requires a lot of training and knowledge. However, there are certain errors that must be sidestepped to run a successful school counseling program. So, how do you find your way through various challenges as a school counselor? To save yourself from some challenges, here we have shared some tips to help you avoid a school counselor outlandish.  1. Student ...


5 Simple Ways To Gain Respect From Your Child

28th May 2021

Talking respectively to your kids is necessary to gain their respect in return. For parents, it is quite unsatisfying that their children are “impolite” or “don’t respect any rules” or “show no respect to their seniors.” Generally, it happens because kids grow up with the time and acquire a sense of independence. A warm, tender and responsive communication help children to feel safe and protected in their world. Here, teachers can also help students and ...


Identification of Different Learners is an integral part of the Online Counselling Courses for Teachers

5th July 2019

In any classroom, it is necessary for the teacher to have an understanding about all the learners who are present in the classroom. This not only helps them to get an idea about the persons and more importantly, the different traits of personality they are dealing with, but also enables the educator to decide the most feasible route for the delivery of the course curriculum on an individual basis. This blog helps to derive how both the learners and the educator could be benefitted by the identif ...


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