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7 Practical Student Engagement Strategies That Actually Work

23rd August 2021

Student engagement is when learners feel more excited to learn, participate in learning and establish a positive attitude. Generally, in education, student engagement denotes the inquisitiveness, interest, hopefulness, and passion that students display when they are learning or being educated. However, in few other contexts, student engagement also denotes the conduct in which school leaders and educators might “engage” learners fully in the decision-making developments in school. S ...


Educational Psychology Approaches and Their Impact In Online Diploma In Primary Education Course

22nd June 2019

Education is a procedure which affects the psychology of the learners and changes their perspective towards life in a significant way. It not only educates the people in the right way to enhance their knowledge but also caters to their holistic development, to say the least. There are a number of approaches embedded in every educational course, especially if it is one as comprehensive as an online diploma in primary education course, which leaves a profound impact on the minds of the learners an ...


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