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Why Should You Build Rapport With Your ESL Students?

15th September 2022

Every TEFLer finds ultimate success in their careers when they can get along with their students conveniently. Building rapport with ESL students is of absolute importance because that will help TEFL teachers to find a common ground. Teaching English will become a fun and interesting process if they can establish rapport with students. Building relationships with learners impact quite significantly in teaching jobs.   Why is building rapport with students important? Let us first underst ...


Making a Mid-Career Change? TEFL Is The Perfect Choice

27th April 2022

Needless to say, there are a few careers that are rewarding and in demand, always. Teaching is certainly among them but teaching English abroad is something that is lucrative, huge in demand and an interesting career choice. You will be surprised to know that more than 20,000 new teaching English abroad jobs are listed per month! The demand for certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers with an international TEFL certificate course is extreme. So, if you are looking for a ...


Helpful Tips For Creating A Stellar Self-Introduction Teacher Introduction Video

10th March 2022

Needless to say, now we are living in the age of online education and digital learning. The global pandemic has boosted the online education immensely. Therefore, it is crucial to make your teacher profile stand out, isn’t it? So, today we have shared some of the effective and proven ways through which you will make a perfect self-introduction video for teaching English online with an online TESOL course. What is An Introduction Video? In simple terms, an introduction video delivers a pr ...


Teaching Grammar Through Inductive Method

27th April 2021

Sometimes, the skilled and professional ESL/EFL teachers also think about which approach is best matched for the EFL classroom. While teaching English grammar, usually the learners are being encouraged to work out grammar rules for themselves. So, what does it mean to teach grammar inductively? Let’s take a look at the underlying principles of the inductive approach to grammar teaching and learning. The inductive method has been applied to grammar teaching and learning for quite a long ti ...


Trauma Informed Teaching for The ESL Teachers

28th January 2021

Apart from just teaching, addressing the mental health issues in your class will definitely help you in becoming effective 21st century teaching proficient. However, we appreciate the fact that it is not always possible to talk about mental health in a class where you and your students both have limited time duration. But, in this evolving educational world, you need to convey more apart from just delivering a lecture and teachers and schools need to be aware of trauma. This is essential because ...


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