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Career As An Early Childhood Teacher

22nd March 2021

The first six years are being considered to be the significant period in a child’s life. During this phase, kids nurture quicker and learn to move more rapidly. Moreover, the development also takes place quickly in terms of gaining the different kinds of skills, behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, the power of observation as well as the ability to think and to communicate. Therefore, early childhood care and education is crucial and has been considered as the foundation of a child’ ...


20 Types of Fine Activities That Can Help Children to Develop Their Gross and Good Motor Skills

27th October 2020

In order to develop a child’s growth completely, it is crucial to boost fine motor skills too! Well, there are so many things we do on a daily basis that need fine motor skills but we forget how vital they are. Fine Motor Skills are one of the main concerns in the Pre-K classroom as they are the base that children need before they acquire handwriting and to gain control of a writing tool. As we have grown our interests in these fine motor activities, what can we do? According to Unde ...


Essential Attributes You Need to Teach Your Learners for a Future World

12th August 2020

We all need to upgrade our skill sets in order to pull through and move ahead. We need to gear up for the 21st century workforce and as a teaching professional, you need to set up your learners for the future. Now, as a teacher, how can you help your students gain these 21st century competencies? How can you contribute as a teacher to prepare your students future-ready? Let’s dive in! Here are some attributes and skills which young students emphatically need in order to meet their full ...


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