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21st-Century Teaching English In China vs Thailand With Details

4th February 2021

It can be quite mystifying to commit to a teaching contract in a country where you've never stepped foot in earlier! Most of the time ESL/EFL enthusiastic people question about teaching English as a foreign language in China versus teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand. Well, these are the two largest EFL/ESL markets in the world with 21st-century TEFL certification online. So, if you want to live overseas, teach others, travel, and make money, look first towards Asian countries ...


How to Manage a Virtual Classroom in 21st Century Web Based Learning World

20th July 2020

When it comes to managing a classroom, this always has been a big challenge for the teaching professionals. Effective 21st- century teachers are passionate about teaching their learners and they want to use their time in teaching mostly, not dealing with classroom disturbances. There are end numbers of myths regarding the online teaching-learning practices till now and as an upcoming generation teacher, you have to debunk all those so-called myths by creating an effective virtual classroom. Onli ...


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