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22nd November 2016

Huge demand for pre and primary teachers in India

Recently Indian Parliament has provided a report that there is a huge requirement of teachers in the field of pre and primary education. The country has a vacancy 5.56 lakh pre and primary teachers which can be treated as a huge opportunity for the teaching aspirants. Currently India has 33.08 lakh sanctioned pre and primary teaching posts of which 16.82 % is vacant. Hence aspiring teachers have endless possibilities to shape a successful career in the coming days. Keeping this mind, Asian College of Teachers has been designing tailor-made pre and primary teaching courses for both aspiring and working teachers to fit into the job role successfully.

18th November 2016

Developing countries to raise the standard for new teachers

About one-third of developing nations have given a boost to professional requirements for school teachers by imposing supplementary certification requirements or tougher requirement criteria. Australia and also many other developing countries are now rising the standard and parameter of their teaching force. The countries are now taking steps to enhance the professionalism of teachers and have also introduced requirements and specialized development schemes to enhance teaching practice skills and is imposing international standards for the accreditation of initial teacher training courses for employment. This reveals the fact that those planning an international teaching career need to be certified and equipped with contemporary techniques to get ready for global classrooms.


12th November 2016

ACT receives GLOBAL ACHIEVERS AWARD for Education Excellence

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has carved a niche as a leading teacher education provider in Asia boasting of 20,000 alumni and has been awarded Global Achievers Award for Education Excellence by Indian Achievers Forum, India and Global Achievers Award Thailand (jointly in association with Indo-Thai Chamber of Commerce) in Bangkok. This award given by H.M. Khun (Mr.) Kom Dabbaransi, ex Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, is a great achievement for ACT as it has made significant contributions in the field of teacher training and education with applicants hailing from all corners of the globe. Asian College of Teachers is committed to provide world class teacher training courses for teaching aspirants looking forward to a steady and successful career in the arena of TEFL/TESOL and pre-primary, nursery and Montessori teaching alongside educational administration and management. The tailor-made teacher training courses offered by Asian College of Teachers meet international standards while they prepare aspiring and working teachers for global classrooms. 


10th November 2016

Early education might undergo effective changes shortly

Pre-primary education has taken a serious approach worldwide as it builds a good base for learning. Early childhood education requires deep research to find the most effective system for learning. On that ground many teachers around the world are raising question on the existing educational system for early childhood learning. Teachers from different countries are coming up with valuable suggestions for pre-primary teaching depending on their practical experience and the way they have handled situations. The international teaching community is planning to incorporate these changes in the early childhood teaching and shortly you can look forward to a more updated aspect in modern curriculum and accordingly teaching aspirants need to update according to the demand of the modern classrooms.

10th November 2016

Impact of Trump's Win on Global Education

In recent USA election, the win of Mr. Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton will bring some changes in global practices. Be it in a good way or bad, but there will be few changes for sure and the plate of global education will not remain untouched. As education is being treated as the most powerful link when it comes to the development of society hence many are of the opinion that the field of education will undergo changes and the trained professional teachers will have a crucial role to play. Alongside the teachers, the educational administrators also have to gear up for effective participation. Trained teaching professionals will be in demand.


26th October 2016

ACT arranges cultural immersion trip to Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden for international trainees

Asian College of Teachers conducts TEFL course in Bangkok in the most effective ways so that the trainees can grab the best of opportunities. The institute arranged a fun trip to Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in Pattaya, Thailand on 17th October where trainees from India, South Korea, South Africa, Australia and Bhutan joined in and had a whale of a time learning about the unique Thai culture. This cultural immersion program, an integral part of language learning and teaching was a fun-filled day trip which acquainted them with Thai art and culture and also included an elephant safari and other interesting activities in this botanical garden which is a popular tourist attraction in the country.

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